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Jul 12, 2022

Are you presenting yourself professionally as a resource or as a salesperson to your potential clients? This week we have with us in the OTB studio Kacia and Seena, good friends of the show who recently had their own unique set of circumstances that made finding the right real estate professional a huge priority. This continues what we were talking about last week with Bernie’s story of finding a new home: building a professional relationship of trust with your clients is so important to building your professional reputation.


The No-Sale Sale


You never know what kind of situation potential clients might be coming to you with when you first interact with them. They could just be looking for a new home, or they might be dealing with property that they have no idea what to do with. More often than not, it will be some of the biggest purchases or sales that they’ve ever dealt with, and so need someone who can help them navigate all the ins and outs of the real estate market. Every interaction is an opportunity to showcase that outside the box thinking that will keep them coming back to you when they need that specialized help.


Sometimes this kind of client care can take the shape of giving advice that might lead the client away from your services. This is about building that trust between you and the client by always giving them the advice that would best benefit them, no matter where that might lead them. Ultimately, this is an industry about people and relationships, and establishing yourself as a leader in the market by always looking out for a client’s best interests will help establish you as one.


“I think it's super important that you have a closer that not only possesses the technical knowledge but actually has people skills. I've been in this for 18 years now, and I've seen these escrow officers go from transactional to today where the expectation really has to be a little bit more hands on and personal. And finally, I think that you need to talk to escrow officers that are just as invested in getting something closed as you are.” – Bernie


“We don't get paid unless you get paid. So, we have every vested interest in making sure that this transaction closes. And not only does it close on time, but that you had a pleasant experience.” – Bernie


“The thing that I'm really hoping to change, I think about this in the long term, is that if you know how to build wealth, and you're starting off on this path with me and understanding how many more people can you impact and change their lives?” – Steve


“I see a lot of people in our industry where they were phenomenal successful producers 10 years ago, and now they're coaches and they're just using theory from 10 years ago. I've been working through chaotic problems this week, you know, they're good problems working with agents to try and solve problems. But I can only do it because I'm still in it.” - Steve


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