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Aug 2, 2022

This week we’re very excited to have Mike and Courtney Weaver from the Weaver Sales Academy as guests of the podcast! The Weavers are longtime entrepreneurs who have run multiple businesses, mainly in insurance, and now have transitioned into training others with a comprehensive sales academy. While they do focus mostly on insurance sales, our conversation shows that there is so much that can be gained from sales training in methods and practices. So much has changed in the last few years in the expectations of clients and customers on what they expect from the sales experience, so much so that shooting from the hip or just relying on luck to get some of those sales just doesn’t cut it anymore. We have a great conversation about what we’ve experienced working with customers today and what agents can get out bettering themselves through training and support.


We also ran through the Weavers area of expertise in insurance sales. We’ve talked about it before in some of our previous episodes but having the right kind of coverage for the period of live you’re living, or what you hope to accomplish in the future is so crucial. The unfortunate truth is that more often than not people don’t give insurance much thought past what policy is the cheapest. As business owners, we all need to be having those good conversations with our agents to make sure we’re covered against those experiences that could potentially wipe us out financially. It was great having a conversation with experts like the Weavers about the importance for everyone to be as well covered as we can be.


“The difference between an amateur (salesperson) and a professional is that an amateur feels like they have to tell to sell, they always have to be talking. Whereas if you really understand what sales is about, the psychology of sales and humans, it’s a lot of asking questions, listening, and digging deep into those questions.” – Mike Weaver


“Every business owner out there wants referrals, but to do that you have to be referable! So, what are you doing to be referable? The number one referral process I teach is getting in front of your people and get them to know you, like you, and trust you so they want to send their friends to you.” – Mike Weaver


“Many people look at their insurance agent as just an auto or homeowners insurance agent, when they actually have the ability to help you create a financial plan. If they’re a true professional, they should be having a holistic conversation with you around your entire financial plan, what your goal is, and how they can help you get there.” – Mike Weaver     


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